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4th-Sep-2012 03:07 pm - [sticky post] Zounds!
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simmy549 sweetbro → sherlock

I know, no one cares, but you gotta announce these things.

(im keeping the picture anyway deal with it)
9th-May-2016 04:03 pm - Metal.... Gear?
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What are the haps?

This journal is just a random blah-fest. if you want to add me that's cool you can comment here or whatever
dw ; flavors
25th-Feb-2016 03:32 am - WHAT
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25th-Feb-2016 03:22 am - ayyyy
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i still miss livejournal man is that fucked up or what
i just loved all the feeds and communities that compile similar shit together.... its so organised... in a way???
ahhhh things were so different back in the day
all the... focus on fancy graphics and tidy things and. oh i dont know. its a mess now though. directionless, pathetic clinging things.....
wow didnt i make a steven universe community on here i totally forgot about that that really didnt go anywhere huh
anyway im doin good to anyone who happens to still be out there potentially reading this (unlikely)
i only ever come on here to reminisce its kinda funny :T
its just .... a lot of memories u know. phew. hoo boy. a really large amount of memories and of people i will never come in to contact with again. MAN the internet is wild. man
27th-Apr-2015 03:22 am - umm
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"i really need to sleep im super sleep deprived why am i still awake at almost 3 am i HATE THIS i was so exhausted all day and suddenly i can stay up till 3 am? fuck this"

HAHHA im in the exact same boat as i was in 3 days ago i was shattered all day today, could barely stay awake and then suddenly i can stay up until 3 am wide awake!!!!!! probably computers are involved and to blame, YEAH, SURE, I GUESS, but i was READING FANFICTION OK and itn particular was a very good onem I couldnt really drop it but then it sort of pushed me in to awake mode... not really.. god idk im still so tired but in the hyper zone. >:(

so anyway reading fic is a pretty uncommon occurence for me these days, but it was nice to just chill and read some things of varying levels of angst and cuteness and etc. then i looked at my own few pieces of fic i'd uploaded to ao3 and since i didnt remember what id written i was actually really pleasantly surprised??! like i have constanty been labouring under the belief that im really not good at writing but yet. these things seemed to hold up really well ? and im not sure if its because they ARE good, or if its because since i wrote them they basically cater to me perfectly so i get them better than anyone else would. haha. and so maybe i still have a bias towards them even if i cant remember what i wrote?

like the not remembering is important because i can look at it with fresh eyes like ive never seen it before. that seems important. u know? I dont know. it was quite a positive moment for me to go to things i wrote a few years ago and actually LIKE them. i wasnt expecting it. i never expect to like things i create so its always a pleasant surprise when i actually do. its like... hey, im not as terrible as i thought! i can do these things! i need a confidence boost like that everyone once in a while. i could write more things! i could write bigger, better things!! aaaaaahhh!!!! why dont i ever write??!! aaaaaahhh!!! what !!!!!!
24th-Apr-2015 02:41 am - bloopy
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so i checked out my friends list and it turns out its still pleasantly active! although... mostly in communities for things im not that in to right now. like. its all mostly from the bbc sherlock comm. we... we aren't that close any more. i dont want to talk about it.
so yeah idk what places to check out to rejuvenate this place, i always feel so helpless and personal blogs that are active are hard to find too! WHY IS IT ALWAYS SO DIFFICULT!?!?
im gonna go post something to dreamwidth now i think actually. see if anyones still hangin out over there. itll be totally fun. not??!

i really need to sleep im super sleep deprived why am i still awake at almost 3 am i HATE THIS i was so exhausted all day and suddenly i can stay up till 3 am? fuck this
21st-Apr-2015 11:17 pm - steven universe
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i want to make... a community on lj for steven universe stuff but i dont know if theres any point! its hard to get people back in to this site i feel, so i dont know if anyone would use it. i mean. i know i would! but if its just me and no one else then is there really any point haha. i mean i wouldnt mind just posting my own stuff but then theres also not much of a point if no one else is seeing it, u know? like if you are trying to share things with the world and no one is looking then.. :^(
idk. itd be nice to have a community like that here thats a little more chill than the fast pace of a popular tumblr tag, but it can be hard to establish that in the first place. but i mean im all for posting art and mixes and icons etc etc i love that stuff!!! itd be great if other people were too!!
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did you know you can now easily add a photo?

hi im here to yell in to the void i miss the place and found an active community, which, wow!!! im scoping it out as i speak

also i miss the flight of the conchords fandom on here, as usual, can u believe that was like 2007/2008/2009, WOW, even i cant believe it
31st-Oct-2014 01:49 am - at least it was here
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yIKES i've only made one post here this year? ohhh dear. speaking of i should probably check in at dreamwidth too. sheesh.

I MISS THIS WHOLE ZONE. i only come here to be nostalgic i have THE MOST powerful rose tinted nostalgia goggles in the entire universe. dont even fight me on this.

ive been trying to hunt down the exact specific point at which i developed my love for a certain cartoon character that happened thanks to this damn website and in particular fanficrants i think, lmao, and im also laughing at the fact that despite how strong my love for this character was it BARELY even manifested in posts on here! I was such a damn sneaky stealth ninja. NOBODY KNEW ABOUT THIS. i made damn sure of that because i was sooooo embarrassed lmfao

and. like. 6 ish or more years later i suddenly come back to this character and suddenly i decide to try and push through my embarassment and i've definitely made progress but as you can see i cant even mention them by name on here!!! even if i had them as an icon for a brief amount of time!

i cant believe how small and foolish and naive and immature i have been over the years i wish i could have been a bit smarter earlier on... i guess i just have some sort of impediment that tries to stop me in that regard haha

and that said, it amuses me that despite the fact that i can actually grow up and become smarter and more mature and understanding i STILL get embarassed over the same nerd character i got embarrassed over as a 14 year old. I am 21 now??? HOW HAS NOTHING CHANGED!!! lmao!!! im so upset honestly i cant believe ive had this journal for that long, spanning al these damn teen years, and i cant believe i made posts so infrequently and even then deleted some!! now that IM in tumblr land this seems so odd, because almost every damn THOUGHT process you have can be logged there. what the shit.

So anyway here's to you livejournal, you god damn beautiful disaster.
16th-Jun-2014 11:41 pm - knock knock
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knock knock
who's there

well ya got me there

so guess who's procrastinating on like two essays right now. haha yeah me. also im having painful feelings re fandoms and certain embarassing ships so haha, not much is new! love it!
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